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  • 12-12-2008 Content Authoring Conference Call
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Participants: Jim Eng, Noah B., Steve Smail, Mathieu Plourde, Michael K., Kirk Alexander, Beth K., Peter Knoop, Claude, Erica

Agenda Items

0. Opening Discussions

  • Kirk: Licensing issues (to be discussed with Micheal at another time).

1. Announcements on Content Authoring

  • Michael: The Sakai Foundation has directed the interest of Nathan Pearson on Content Authoring, with Cambridge.
  • Participants are invited to give feedback as fast as possible.
  • Cambridge will have a prototype in the early part of next year.
  • NYU: Contracting through Unicon to make the content authoring tool fit their specific needs.
  • NYU will give back programmer time to make tools "entitification compliant" in exchange.
  • Anthony White is working on "entitification compliance" development documentation.
  • Kirk: Making Sakai a research portal is a priority. Unstructured authoring is key to them.

  • Michael is about to send a document about the vision of Sakai 3 to the whole community. Feedback is critical.
  • Used Nico's prototype to build a site.
  • People are encouraged to create an account at the Cambridge site.

2. Entitification

  • We need to turn this work into a Jira section.
  • We hope that the 3akai Cambridge work will be 2.7 compatible.
  • Peter sent an email to the lists about Content Authoring. Deadline Dec. 19.

3. Next Meeting

  • Friday, January 9, 2009. 11 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time.