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  • 11-14-2008 Content Authoring Conference Call
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Participants: Steve Smail, Claude, Sacha, Mathieu, Andrew (Unicon), Michael, Peter, Mike, John Norman, Noah

0. Michael's Updates

  • From the VA Tech conference: Fred Hofstetter from U of Delaware made a big impact. Defined the need for content authoring.
  • Project at NYU has funding. Barbra Mack is on the case (storyboards). Got in touch with Cambridge. Need to deliver something before the next big release. Basic features demonstrated by Nico in Dearborn would be implemented.
  • Conversation with Robert Gerin-Lajoie at EDUCAUSE. Had concerns about implementing the document structure in the WYSIWYG editor for OSYL.
    • Sacha: Possible to use TinyMCE instead of the GWT editor. Doesn't make a lot of sense, other than consistency.
    • OSYL will be released as is in 2.6. Need a framework to work with for the 3.0 release.
    • Montreal will have more time to work on this in Jan.
  • John: OSYL should be a site configuration option, or a page option, like the legacy view.

1. Entityfication of Sakai Services

  • We need community support for this. Anthony and John will work on a use case to sell the idea.
  • Noah had a conversation with Peter about this. He will write something down over the weekend and share it.

2. Test Environment (AKA Toy App)

  • Not discussed.

3. Next call

  • Not the Friday after Thanksgiving.
  • Michael not available on the 5th.
  • Next call: December 12, 11:00 a.m. EST