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  • 10-31-2008 Content Authoring Conference Call
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Participants: Steve, Noah, Peter, Mathieu, Jim, Nico, John, Michael

1. Entityfication of Sakai Services

  • Noah: Options may differ depending on the context.
  • There has to be some sort of communication between the page and the entity.
  • We need to post a list of those contexts and entities.
  • Has to be negotiable for every institution.
  • Has to stay simple enough for users.
  • John: Who is going to attack the current un-entitificated tools?
  • Peter: We need to work on a business case: What will an institution will gain from doing this?
  • Noah: Will have time at the beginning of the year. Estimate: 1 week.
  • John: We need to get more adoption of the concept from the community. About 5-20% understands it.
  • Noah: 2 or 3 pages of general info, then dig into the technical part.
  • How different or similar tools are in terms of entityfication process/potential.
  • We don't have a list of pitfalls, practices, tips, guidelines, etc.
  • John: We need a 1-2 minute video to grab the imagination of the community.
  • Noah: Why would I even care? document. Needs to be Sakai contextualized.
  • Michael: Noah, Aaron, and Josh are the key players here. Peter and Noah will get something started.

2. Test Environment (AKA Toy App)

  • Jim has done some work, not ready to announce yet.
    • This environment is meant to test entities.
    • RSF tool that uses the Entity Broker.
  • Debugging/Exploration tool, UX is not an issue here.
  • Need to gather user needs beforehand.
Container-Provider Relationships

3. Misc. Discussions

  • Michael talked to Barbra Mack at EDUCAUSE. NYU has some money and a team to move the project forward, not official yet.
  • April would be their target.
  • Noah: NYU seems to be into the portal aspect.
  • Michael sat down with Robert Gérin-Lajoie UdeM (Open Syllabus): Agrees that they could implement OSYL with our discussed technology.
  • GWT mentality in OSYL: Not sure how that would fit in.
  • UX has to be consistent in Sakai. Adoption of a tool depends on it.

4. Next Call

  • Michael suggests another one next week.
  • Noah: Lots of people will be off...
  • In two weeks, as planned.
  • Updates on the NYU project coming next week from Michael.