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  • 2.6 Configuration Instructions
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Citations Configuration Changes for Sakai 2.6

  • Several new XML configuration elements are available. These are illustrated below.
  • The Citations Helper is enabled by default. You may want to provide the name of your Sakai instance for Google Scholar import, or set up the Search Library Resources feature for your institution.

You might also want to look at:

Note: Should you need to disable the Citations Helper or one of it's features – "Google Scholar import" or "Search Library Resources" – use the XML configuration file (preferred) or the legacy configuration mechanism.

Compatibility with Previous Releases

Citations configuration for the Sakai 2.6 release is largely compatible with previous releases. Unless you plan on using a new feature introduced in Sakai 2.6, you can continue to use your existing post-2.4 and 2.5 Citations configuration files "as is". Information on configuring the Citations Helper for Sakai 2.4 and 2.5 is still available.

New XML Configuration Elements

<!-- Extended Repository ID -->
The Extended Repository ID identifies a specific metasearch
implementation. The Extended ID applies only to the "http"
repository OSID:


Possible Values:

  360 Search Repository  -- Serials Solutions 360 Search
  Web2 Repository        -- SingleSearch via the Web2 Bridge -->

<extended-repository-id>360 Search Repository</extended-repository-id>

<!-- Maximum databases -->
This determines the maximum number of databases a user can search
at one time. The default is eight if no other value is provided. -->


<!-- Direct URL handling -->
How do we handle direct (vendor) URLs when they're provided by the 
metasearch engine? 

Possible Values:

  title-link    -- use the direct URL (if any) as the title link
  related-link  -- use the direct URL (if any) as a related link
  false         -- do not use direct URLs -->


<!-- Direct URL prefix text (for proxy access) -->
The text specified here is prepended to each direct URL displayed in a 
Citation List. -->


  • Continue on to the detailed Citations configuration pages for more information on setting up the Citations Helper.
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