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Official Release Page

The Official Sakai Release Page is the place to download the latest recommended version of the release, find installation and configuration documentation, etc.

Sakai 2.6

General Information

Branch Manager(s): Matthew Jones, David Horwitz, Jean-François Lévêque, Stephen Marquard, Anthony Whyte

Questions on the maintenance branch? Email

Sakai 2.6.x Maintenance Branch

Appropriate bug fixes (no new features) are being merged from trunk to the 2.6.x Maintenance Branch. At periodic intervals, Maintenance Releasesare created from the Maintenance Branch. So you are encouraged to treat the most recent Sakai 2.6 Maintenance Release as the recommended version of Sakai 2.6.  All fixes are must be tested prior to being merged into the branch, providing an additional layer of  assurance. This branch will form the basis for #Sakai 2.6 Maintenance Releases.

Maintenance releases will be tagged from the 2.6.x Maintenance Branch at periodic intervals for up to two years after the initial release of Sakai 2.6.0 (or longer, if there is sufficient community interest and resources.)

Database Schema Changes

Schema changes are sometimes required to resolve bugs. Each time there is new DDL associated with a bug, the release manager will create a file that includes only the pertinent changes, and name it according to the pattern below. Each time there is a maintenance release, those files will be rolled up into conversion scripts for that release.

If your Sakai instance is based on releases, then all you need to do is run all intervening upgrade scripts. For instance, if you are upgrading from 2.5.1 to 2.5.4, then you need to run the 2.5.1-2.5.2, 2.5.2-2.5.3, and 2.5.3-2.5.4. (Note that not all releases will have upgrade scripts, as sometimes there are no db schema changes required.)

If your Sakai instance is based on a revision of the 2.6.x maintenance branch, then you need to determine which scripts are applicable based on your current revision of 2.6.x and the revision you wish to get to. The Subversion revision numbers in the table should help you identify which scripts you need to run.

If your Sakai instance is based on pulling patches selectively from 2.6.x, then you will need to manually determine which scripts are appropriate to run.

The individual script(s) are located in the source repository at:, while the release roll-ups are included in the release itself.

Script ID

SVN Revision


Roll-up file for Sakai release



SAK-16668 - Getting issue details... STATUS assignments / private notes and model answers does not display proper error message for text over 255 characters
NOTE: This script alters columns in ASN_MA_ITEM_T and ASN_NOTE_ITEM_T. You need to run this script if you upgraded to Sakai 2.6.0 PRIOR to 1 September 2009.
Original SVN changes (trunk): 64794, 67741




SAK-16548 - Getting issue details... STATUS Incorrect internationalization showing the grade NO GRADE
Original SVN changes (trunk): 67050, 67106




SAK-16847 - Getting issue details... STATUS Make sure new asn.share.drafts permission is installed
Original SVN changes (trunk): 67050




SAK-10512 - Getting issue details... STATUS SAK-17061 - Getting issue details... STATUS Backfill profile records with setting for new LOCKED column
Original SVN changes (trunk): 67050




SAK-14482 - Getting issue details... STATUS Mercury site has old assignments tool

sakai_2_6_2-2_6_3_<db>_conversion.sql(green star)



SAK-8421 - Getting issue details... STATUS Statistics page is very slow

sakai_2_6_2-2_6_3_<db>_conversion.sql(green star)



SAK-5742 - Getting issue details... STATUS create SAKAI_PERSON_T indexes

sakai_2_6_2-2_6_3_<db>_conversion.sql(green star)

(green star)   There is no conversion script associated with 2_6_1-2_6_2 changes

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