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Official Release Page

The Official Sakai 2.5 Release Page is the place to download the latest recommended version of the release, find installation and configuration documentation, etc.

Sakai 2.5

General Information

Release Documentation

Branch Manager(s): Noah Botimer, Jon Gorrono, David Horwitz, David Haines, Jean-François Lévêque, Stephen Marquard, Steve Swinsburg, Megan May, Anthony Whyte

Questions on the release? Email

Appropriate bug fixes (no new features) are being merged from trunk to the 2.5.x Maintenance Branch. At periodic intervals, Maintenance Releases are created from the Maintenance Branch. So you are encouraged to treat the most recent Sakai 2.5 Maintenance Release as the recommended version of Sakai 2.5.

Jira Information

Some short-cuts to relevant views in Jira for Sakai 2.5-related information:

Sakai 2.5.x Maintenance Branch

Only bug fixes are being merged to the Sakai 2.5.x Maintenance Branch, no new features are being introduced. This branch will form the basis for #Sakai 2.5 Maintenance Releases.

Sakai 2.5 Maintenance Releases

Maintenance releases will be tagged from the 2.5.x Maintenance Branch at periodic intervals for up to two years after the initial release of Sakai 2.5.0 (or longer, if there is sufficient community interest and resources.) The Maintenance Releases will include bug fixes merged from the Maintenance Branch for a selected subset of components, rather than all available fixes in the Maintenance Branch at that point in time the tag. Maintenance Releases will be subjected to a short period of focused QA, which will target the areas of change in the code. Only a selected subset of components is included in order to keep QA manageable and the interval between releases short. As a result, the Maintenance Releases will lag the Maintenance Branch in terms of completeness of fixes, however, this trade-off is important in enabling a high-frequency of well-tested Maintenance Releases.

Post-2.5 Feature Branches

Feature Branches are intended to provide early access to new functionality or enhancements intended for the next major release. This enables interested organizations to take advantage of the new functionality without waiting for the next release; however, the feature branches have generally only been subjected to limited QA by the project team itself, and they are typically offered on an as-is basis. (General information on Features Branches....)

For participating projects, the Feature Branch code is located in the post-2.5 branch in a project's SVN repository. The project may also provide tags, such as post-2.5-a, post-2.5-b, ..., to help identify reliable starting points from which to adopt the code.

For the Project Teams, part of the drive for this early delivery of functionality is to meet the needs of a team member's local Sakai implementation, hence, the functionality has typically been subjected to a good deal of testing at their institution and has generally been tested for production deployment. The Project Teams do not necessarily have additional time to incorporate others' design suggestions for the 2.6 release, however, they certainly will welcome bug reports and attempt to address them before the 2.6 release, and consider suggestions for future releases. Some Project Teams may also choose to continue supporting the post-2.5 branches with bug fixes even after 2.6 is released, but it is not guaranteed.

Projects tentatively planning to offer a post-2.5 Feature Branch include:

  • site-manage
    • SAK-12868 - Getting issue details... STATUS : site templating
  • Email Service
    • SAK-12581 - Getting issue details... STATUS : Add attachment support to Email service
  • Portal
  • Tests & Quizzes (a.k.a. Samigo)
    • Incorporating UCT's work on group-scoped tests and improvements to statistics reporting ( SAK-12065 - Getting issue details... STATUS ).
  • Resources? and/or Content Hosting Service?

Adopter Timlelines

Below is a sampling of adoption timelines for Sakai 2.5. (If you're planning to upgrade, and are willing to be listed here, please let me know:


Tentative Timeline

University of Cape Town

2.4 to 2.5 December 2007 [Done!]

Universidade Fernando Pessoa

2.4 to 2.5 March 2008 [Done!]

Nagoya University (pilot)

2.5 April 2008 [Done?]

Stockholm University

2.3 to 2.5 May 2008 [Done!]

Rutgers University

2.3 to 2.5 May 2008 [Done!]

Stockholm University

2.3 to 2.5 May 2008 [Done!]

University of California, Berkeley

2.4 to 2.5 May 2008 [Done!]


2.4 to 2.5 June 2008 [Done!]

Sakai Foundation (Collab)

2.4 to 2.5 June 2008 [Done!]

University of Michigan

2.4 to 2.5 June 2008 [Done!]

Indiana University

2.5 to 2.5 June 2008 [Done!]

University of California, Davis

2.4 to 2.5 July 2008 [Done!]

University of Cambridge

2.4 to 2.5 July 2008 [Done!]

Columbia University

2.4 to 2.5 August 2008 [Done!]

Georgia Tech

2.4 to 2.5 August 2008 [Done!]

Whitman College

2.4 to 2.5 August 2008 [Done!]

University of Amsterdam

2.4 to 2.5 December 2008 [Done!]

Pre-Release Information


A few goals have been defined to aid in channeling the community energy to produce a high quality release. We'll be using language to aid in describing the transition of the software as it approaches readiness. To make the progression from beta to release candidate, the aim is the resolution of outstanding blocker and critical bugs reported.

  • Elimination of all outstanding Blocker and Critical bugs for 2.5 (n=64).
  • Acceptable Performance testing on mysql and oracle databases for Assignments, Resources, Forums, GB & T&Q. What is acceptable? At this point in time, no degradation from performance experienced in 2.4
  • High degree of verification (85%) of resolved JIRA bugs
  • Confirmed functional testing on all tools.
  • Positive feedback from sites running a tagged version of off branch.

Release Schedule




Tool Promotion and Retirement  (2.5 Release kick off meeting)

Aug 22

Verification of bugs on nightly instances

now until Sept 16

Project Team checkpoint for code freeze readiness

Sept 10

Coding of features and work associated with tool status changes mostly completed. Determine what work will not be completed/working reasonably well and  remove it from the release by the Code Freeze.

Code Freeze

Sept  17

Code must be checked in by 12:01am Eastern US Time on this day; no exceptions

Tag .001 created and brought up on QA servers

Sept 20

Formal QA begins with focus on Regression Testing
Conversion Script testing begins with first tag

Tag .002 created and brought up on QA servers

Sept 27

Tag .003 created and brought up on QA servers

Oct 3

Branch for release is cut from trunk.
Changes after this point will require merging from trunk to the release branch and the assistance of the Branch Manager.

Tag .006 created and brought up on QA servers

Oct 8

Tag .009 created and brought up on QA servers

Oct 15

String Freeze - No more unnecessary changes in UI text; Internationalization WG can create translations and the Help WG can update documentation.

Tag .010 created and brought up on QA servers

Oct 23

Tag .011 created and brought up on QA servers

Nov 1

Tag .012 created and brought up on QA servers

Nov 7

2.5.0-beta created and brought up on QA servers

20 Nov 2007


2.5.0-beta2 created and brought up on QA servers

09 Jan 2008



31 Jan 2008



20 Feb 2008


Official Release of 2.5.0

25 March 2008

Official Release Page


Roadmap of Jira issues worked on for Sakai 2.5.


See QA for 2.5.0 Release.
See QA for 2.5.1 Release.

Tool Promotions/Retirements

With each Sakai release Contrib and Provisional projects can be nominated evaluated for promotion to Provisional and Core status, respectivley. Projects that the community feels are no longer of importance, or which have been replaced by other projects, may be retired from Core or Provisional status to Contrib. Follow the Discussion links below to comment in the discussion on whether or not to promote the tool. (See Criteria for Provisional Status for guidelines on the requirements a tool needs to meet for Provisional Status.)

Share Your Experiences

If you are currently running one of the following tools in your Sakai implementation, then we strongly encourage you to share your experiences. Your presepective on the tool's robustness and stability, as an actual user of the tool, is important.


Current Status

Proposed Status

Confluence Page for Discussion

Jira Issue


Assignments (non-graded version only)




SAK-9445 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Will be retired to Contrib.





SAK-7225 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Project Team is not interested in releasing Jforum as part of the core bundle.





SAK-10812 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Project Team is not interested in releasing Melete as part of the core bundle.





SAK-10463 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Will be promoted to Core. There are still a couple issues the project team needs to address prior to the release. |

Reset Password




SAK-8415 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Will be promoted to Provisional status. (A couple minor changes left do, which can be addressed prior to code freeze.)

Tests & Quizzes (a.k.a. Samigo)




SAK-10814 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Will be promoted to Core, pending identification of enough QA resources for sufficient regression testing and reports of positive experience from organizations using the latest version in production over the next couple months.



Retired (Contrib)


SAK-11083 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Will be retired to Contrib.

Shared/Common Upgrades and Additions

The following Jira issues is being used to track various sub-tasks covering upgrades and additions to shared/common jars and tools for this release.

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