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General Information

Branch Manager(s): Steven Githens, SOO IL KIM, Steve Swinsburg, Anthony Whyte

Questions on the branch? Email

If you are planning to deploy Sakai 2.4, then you are strongly encouraged to use the 2-4-x maintenance branch as the basis for your deployment, as it incorporates additional bug fixes. The maintenance branch, however, does not represent a fully QA'ed release of Sakai. While individual fixes have been tested, generally there has been no regression testing. However, this is the branch off which many institutions are building their 2.4 deployments, which supplies a great deal useful, though indirect, QA for the branch.

Database Changes

Schema changes are sometimes required to resolve existing bugs. Each time there is new DDL, the release manager will create a file that includes only the pertinent changes. For example, if you are currently running 2.4.x SCHEMA v1 and go to update, you would look at the release notes page and see that the latest is 2.4.x SCHEMA v3. You would need to download and run v2.sql and v3.sql in sequence to update your maintenance branch based instance to the latest version of 2.4.x schema. DDL changes in the 2.4.x schema scripts will be included in the conversion scripts for the next major release 2.5, so if you are running 2.4.x, you may not need to run all of them.

The following script(s) exist at:

Script ID


Associated With Commit


SAK-9808 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Implement ability to delete threaded messages within Forums. This is a new feature that was inadvertently merged in. By the time it was realized, many institutions had already deployed it to production. Removing this feature would remove functionality already exposed to end users so the feature will remain



SAK-10454 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Added indexes to improve Samigo performance.



SAK-10163 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Added ability to set a different default chat room for each tool placement in a site.  This is sort of new functionality, though this used to exist in 2.3 with the old chat tool and was lost for the new chat tool in 2.4.  But this brings back that ability.



SAK-10215 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Fixes problem with page titles in Chat.



SAK-12429 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Gradebook issue



SAK-11130 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Need to create scripts still?


Other Important Changes

Due to problems with the version of the code in the 2.4.x branch of the Assignments tool, as announced on various email lists, it is strongly recommended that you do not use that version of the code. Rather, you should build your implementation of 2.4.x using the assignments module from the post-2.4 branch instead of the one from the 2.4.x branch.

Post-2.4 Feature Branches

Several projects are providing early releases of functionality destined for Sakai 2.5 in a 2.4-compatible format. (See Post-2.4 Feature Branches for more details.)

Upgrade Timelines

Sakai 2.4 End-of-Life

The information below was collected in March 2009 from an email thread and other sources, as a measure of when community interest and the ability to support Sakai 2.4.x is no longer needed or possible.


Current Version

Upgrade Date

Upgrade Target

New Teacher Center @ the University of California, Santa Cruz

2.4.0 or 2.4.1, plus patches pulled form the 2.4.x maintenance branch

June 2009

2.5 (or 2.6, if it is ready in time)

Charles Sturt University

2.4.0 or 2.4.1, plus patches pulled form the 2.4.x maintenance branch



Sabanci University

2.4.0 or 2.4.1, plus patches pulled form the 2.4.x maintenance branch

June 2009

2.5 or 2.6

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain)

the head of the 2.4.x maintenance branch

June/July 2009


Stanford University

2.4.0, plus patches pulled from the 2.4.x maintenance branch

Jan 2010


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