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This release is no longer available, nor supported.

General Information

2.1.x Workflows

2.1.x Bugfixes

2.1.x Resolved Bugfixes

The most accurate list of issues that have been resolved in 2.1.x are the subversion commits listed in JIRA under SAK-5405:

Less accurate (but perhaps still informative) is a JIRA report of issues flagged with a Fix Version of 2.1.x:

2.1.x Current Bugfix Work

The following JIRAs have been commented in SAK-5405 - Getting issue details... STATUS as having available patches and are being actively worked on by ~brian.







SAK-5504 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Daisy Flemming





SAK-7114 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Daisy Flemming





SAK-6291 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Daisy Flemming





SAK-6377 - Getting issue details... STATUS






SAK-3807 - Getting issue details... STATUS

wogahnct / Brian Jorgensen





2.1.x Community Bugfix Requests

The following issues have been identified as priorities by the 2.1.x community:

SAK-5405 - Getting issue details... STATUS

2.1.x Submitted Features

The following submitted patches are for features that are not, at this time, included in later versions of Sakai. As a result, we will not be testing them on the testing server(s) and you should use at your own risk; you may also consider working with the patch writer and the main tool team to see if this functionality should be added into Sakai core.

Institutional Logo is a link:
QTI (Question Pool) Import for Samigo:

Schools Running 2.1.x


Expected Timeline for Upgrading Away From 2.1.x


University of Winnipeg

June/July 07?

Brian Jorgensen

Pacific Lutheran University

late October 2006


UC Davis

spring 07 or fall 07?

Kirk Alexander Thomas Amsler

UC Davis Vet Med

July 07

beau patrette

UC Merced

remainder of this academic year



remainder of this academic year


UC Berkeley

August 07

Oliver Heyer

Stockholm University

April (-ish) 07



unsure, May 07?

casey dunn


May 07

Jen Bourey

Moody Bible Institute

January 07 or August 07

Jeremy Peterson

University Of Nebraska

Spring 07

Grace Wang

Issues - 2.1.2 Unresolved

The following (400-odd) unresolved issues are listed as (Affects: 2.1.2; Fix For: no versions, all unreleased versions,,,, 2.2.2, 2.2.1 and 2.2.0):

Issues - 2.1.x Unresolved (Improperly JIRAd?)

The following unresolved (e.g. no fix version) issues are listed as "affects 2.1.x" issues. However, with our current "maintenance branch" practise, no JIRAs should be listed as affecting 2.1.x, since 2.1.x is a moving target, and we can never know in which revision of 2.1.x they were fixed!

I will be slowly changing these to "affects 2.1.2":

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