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11.2 planning - date TBD (but strong preference before end of year 2016 and maybe as soon as late October/mid-November). 

   Done.  C.H. -  I'd like to sync 11.2 with 12 probably without LSNBLDR-701 and 702. The changes for section titles and other Dayton changes are causing merge conflicts, which make it difficult to intergrate new features. The Dayton fetures could be turned off by default. (This has already been done. This version is in production at Rutgers. The Dayton features are on. The new Oxford features are in 12 but not 11.2.)
   Done. -  Oxford has a heap of lessons things that could go in 11.2 - most have PRs issued, the rest will be done in the nextfew days.

Sweep through each tool to make sure flag is set. 
Is 11.2 the "noodle-dudes" release ?  Can we do a release earlier than November ? 

SAK-30601 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Content Review (Turnitin/ Vericite) - Oxford has new contributions. Trunk works just fine (E.N.) . [Not Content Item].   
TII/LTI Pull Request - - what is the future of this (Chuck)? This or some nicer way of doing this needs to go into 11.2 if we want LTI integration. 
Logging change - standardizes the Sakai logging into one "logger". We have 3 or 4 . Gets it down to 2. sls4j and system.out . remove commons-logging and log4j.
and a couple of others
XAPI updates
Move to Spring 4 - infrastructure completed in 11.0
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