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SAKAI 11 Freeze
Apereo rules - Yeah!
Long live Sakai!
Must have's before Freezing Sakai 11? 
  • (Udaya Ghattamaneni - Marist, Eduardo Rey Jara - Murcia ) Categorization , which is two parts. (how lefthand nav tools are displayed). But add feature to instructors to add new categories may be a bit of work.
  • We need a UI bash as soon as reasonable
  • Accessibility: Tab navigation not working
  • STEP (Neal Caidin, Wilma H. - Longsight, David B. - Dayton, Martin R. - LAMP, Laura G. - Notre Dame) - delivery options - - do UI stuff early and bugs later - Steve will start after gradebook - hard to imagine this will start before July 1
  • Dashboard (change name to Activity Stream?) - already in trunk but needs triage of many many Jira issues - . Remove from trunk? Dashboard first in worksite tremplate - second in site template
  • LEaP (C.Hedrick; J.Baron; Invision) ; still some fallout that needs fixed - Wireframes . After discussion on wireframes, decision reached to refactor/divide  LEaP tool skin work between morpheus itself and Lessons tool in keeping with recent progress for unified design across all tools.
  • Lessons minor features (C.Hedrick). Need way to hide access to Samigo directly (other tools do this), so that Lessons can be the sole route, if instructor desires, to an assessment.
  • Security. rutgers jiras
  • Sitestats lessons support oxford will try but probably wont make the 22 june cutoff. if it's a bug, can we get it in later?
Thoughts on timeline: 4 weeks until Sakai 11 Freeze?
    * Morpheus review from technical team?
    * Accessibility testing?
    * UX testing BEFORE freeze 
    * Load testing?
LEAP wireframe
Sakai 12 Straw Man
Communication and Marketing for Sakai - Full Strategic Communication Plan: (corrected URL)
     +1 - Neal - marketing push in conjunction with Sakai 11 release seems like it would be great timing. 

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