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SVN Externals 2.5.4 Not Formatted

access -r48404
alias -r48404
announcement -r54884
archive -r48404
assignment -r54830
authz -r54764
blog -r50669
calendar -r54828
chat -r55086
citations -r48404
cluster -r48404
component -r48404
content -r55087
content-review -r50100
courier -r52501
course-management -r48404
dav -r49415
db -r49782
email -r55226
entity -r48404
entitybroker -r48775
event -r50241
gradebook -r48404
help -r55187
jcr -r48404
jobscheduler -r48404
jsf -r48404
linktool -r54822
login -r48404
mailarchive -r54962
mailtool -r48404
master -r50498
memory -r48404
message -r48404
metaobj -r52172
msgcntr -r54954
osp -r49785
podcasts -r48404
polls -r48404
portal -r49079
postem -r48404
presence -r48404
presentation -r48404
privacy -r48404
profile -r48404
providers -r48404
reference -r50884
reports -r48404
reset-pass -r48404
rights -r48404
roster -r48404
rwiki -r54693
sakai-mock -r48404
sam -r55090
samples -r48404
search -r48404
sections -r48404
site -r54696
site-manage -r55037
syllabus -r48404
test-harness -r48404
textarea -r48404
tool -r51234
user -r48404
usermembership -r48404
util -r54002
velocity -r48404
warehouse -r48404
web -r54821
webservices -r48404

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