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  • Releasing an updated tomcat to Sakai repo for pack-demo
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Whenever a new tomcat comes out it needs to be released to the repository. I'm not sure how this was handled in the past but several jiras about it existed with semi-outdated instructions.

SAK-22312 - Getting issue details... STATUS SAK-22784 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and probably others. Here's what I did.

Make sure you have an account and key on as shared_release. In your .ssh/config file add this.

Host shared_release
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/private.key
        User shared_release

Go to Apache Tomcat and download the latest ZIP file to some directory on your file system that you can throw away.

Update the first line "export TOMCAT_VERSION=7.0.39" to match whatever version you downloaded then run this script. It should upload to shared release correctly using your private key. These instructions are for 7.0.42 and Maven 3  SAK-23510 - Getting issue details... STATUS

export TOMCAT_VERSION=7.0.42
#For Maven 3
#If this doesn't work you need to download these 2 files first and put them in this directory
if [ ! -f wagon-ssh-external-1.0.jar ]; then

for jar in `ls $PWD/wagon*.jar`; do

\rm -rf apache-tomcat-${TOMCAT_VERSION}
mvn deploy:deploy-file -DgroupId=tomcat.tomcat -DartifactId=tomcat -Dversion=${TOMCAT_VERSION} -Dpackaging=zip -Dfile=./apache-tomcat-${TOMCAT_VERSION}.zip -DrepositoryId=sakai-maven2 Durl=scpexe://shared_release/var/www/html/maven2 -Dmaven.ext.class.path="${extClasspath}"

unzip apache-tomcat-${TOMCAT_VERSION}
cd apache-tomcat-${TOMCAT_VERSION}/lib

mvn deploy:deploy-file -DgroupId=tomcat -DartifactId=catalina -Dversion=tomcat-${TOMCAT_VERSION} -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=./catalina.jar -DrepositoryId=sakai-maven2 -Durl=scpexe://shared_release/var/www/html/maven2 -Dmaven.ext.class.path="${extClasspath}"

Tomcat 5.5 instructions mention some optional files. I don't think these are needed anymore, but I couldn't immediately find them.

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  1. For 7.x, everything got moved into the lib directory. In previous versions they were split across 3 directories.