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  • Release Communications Plan
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1) Before sending out communications, insure that following documentation is updated:

2) Communicate technical details, specifically how to access the release artifacts, to the QA, Dev, and Prod lists

3) Communicate to the broader community the main changes, in non-technical terms, for the release. Include QA, Dev, Prod and add Internationalization, Accessibility, Sakai User, Pedagogy, and Documentation.

4) Post a highlighted news item to the web site.

5) Social media - Post to Facebook as Sakai Project and to Twitter (where to point the tweet?)

6) Send out an Apereo Announcement

7) Should go to outlets outside of the community (Educause... others?)

8) Security report should go to within a week after the release, at most. 

9) Press release? Check with Ian D.

10) Update version data in JIRA (ie. set release date, create a placeholder for a future maintenance release, etc).  Sakai, KNL, LSNBLDR, Samigo, Dashboard.



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