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CLE Release Team Call 11-17-2011

Attendees: Megan May!! Matt J, Chris Maurer, Sam Ottenhoff, Earle, Noah Botimer, J-F Lévêque, Beth K, Brian Richwine, Christian Aziz, Aaron Z, Seth T


Alpha 2 tag: how and when? tag nightly?

For the short term, need a way to quickly get out tags

Anthony's previous process took 1-2 days to crank out an old tag

Proposal: Tag a nightly build at a specific revision as the alpha

Pro: Release goes out fast


Nothing that anyone can actually check out from svn

Not a big deal because they can checkout trunk and fix it

Everyone would need to deploy a binary bundle that Chris saves

Just need to record the svn revision that is created and date

Release every two weeks

Today Nov 17th, Dec 1st

Branch on the 15th

Can't be too frequent (hard to deploy to QA servers)

Build Process changes?

Goal: quicker, more automated release process

Currently, all indies are released manually

Anthony previously released almost everything, even larger tools like samigo

Promise of the indie is that if tool has no changes you shouldn't need to re-release it every time

Though if there are large breaking kernel api changes this might still happen, but should be much rarer

Move kernel-util into shared

kernel-util is bundled into every webapp and component

If anything is changed in this, it means that every tool has to be re-released to pick up the changes. Changes often (Mostly because of processFormattedText)

If this was in shared, this means that older versions of tools could still be picked up, and if no changes in tools were made, they wouldn't need to be rel-reoeased

Mark kerne-util as provided at the high level poms

Will have to re-release all of the indies

Will have to communicate out these changes

Who specifically is doing this & when?

Aaron will make this into a service by Dec 9th

Actual Indies: Samigo, LTI, LessonBuilder, Profile2, Message Center?

Remove circular/cross dependencies

Assignment/calendar resolved SAK-21389

Courier/presence SAK-21397

Compressing the order so one thing doesn't have to be built before another

Making groups of tools that can all be build at the same time

Remove purepoms?

Which pure-pom to pick was confusing


Had to keep master and pure-poms synchronized

pure-poms was really just a subset of master

Having extra dependencyManagement and properties really isn't a problem

Suggestion was to either just have one pure-pom or have all tools that parent on pure-poms parent on master

It might be clearer if these parents (base/master/pure-poms) were renamed

This has how some other projects are doing it (Noah: Reference)

Samigo performance issues

Action Items:
Aaron : Kernel-util changes will be looked at
Pure-poms changes = Good Idea need proposal Noah can work that up
KNL-823: Sam will test, Aaron will commit
Alpha2 - Tag
Use the binary at some specific time
Put the info for that up on confluence, add a new version to jira
Check the property to see if if it's in the bundle or not
Sam: Send an email to the QA people with a property for the footer if they need it
Nightly Logs =

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