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RM/MT call for 2011/11/10 - 10AM EST

Attendees: Sam Matt Rob Chris Jean-Francois Beth
Telephone: +1 812 856 7060
Polycom or Lifesize:
Tandberg or XMeeting: 22X@
Yay connected with Ekiga, conference code was 348# though (smile)
GDS E.164: 0011439X
Build process discussion: (~20 mins)
Based on this discussion on the tcc:

Feedback appreciated!

Try to get a shared version of kernel-util

How many Indies are actually maintained and "alive"?

Indies shouldn't cause us to have to do more work to release them

Include information on how to get involved on the release announcement and page for next release
Next alpha tag? Status of test fest? (~20 mins)
Alpha depends on if we want to do a full release of everything (using full profile) or do the release correctly using indies

Opt1: Full release just needs to determine what externals and versions belong in the release, and updating the versions in master, updating the parent versions

Con: indies are not released, not a long term solution

Pro: big binary would be released,

Opt 2: Correct indie release depends on fixing a few of the problems mentioned in the above email

Pulling Shared code out of components

Identifying which are really indies

Same as Opt 4

Doesn't deal with circular references

Opt 3: Incorrect indie release (used in a1 tag), just re-release all indies as a2 tag Just need to find out what tag/directory to release and release them all (~30) manually

Opt 4?: Leave Indies the same, or let the owner of the module release it and tell us what the appropriate version is

Rob: Test fest can be worked on at your own time

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