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Attendance: Sam, Anthony, Earle, Chris, Chuck H, Aaron, Matt J, Jean-Francois


  1. Sakai 2.8.1 Update
    1. Anthony finishing up documentation then off to TCC for release announcement
    2. Sam tested binary and demo and tag
  2. KNL Patches
    1. Chuck H patch for KNL-815
    2. KNL-433 discussion
      1. KNL-799 discussion
    3. Database transaction discussion
    4. Aaron will pick up on KNL-815
  3. Sakai 2.9 discussion
    1. Difficulty finding time away from local issues to work on release management
    2. Anthony will help with first alpha tag then no more.... CLE team has to pick this up
    3. Discussion of going back to using branches 
      1. One day of discussion then need a path forward
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