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Attendance: Aaron Z, Sam O, Jean-Francois, Chuck H, Brian R, Chris M

  1. KNL-273, assigning to Aaron for review and commit
    1. Chuck may still maintain inside LB for support of pre-2.9.x LB
  2. Timing of releases and tags
    1. 2.8.1 on Friday, Anthony and Sam
    2. 2.9 alpha tags in next 5 days
    3. Need more stable platform that isn't restarted every four hours for accessibility testing
  3. Accessibility
    1. Discussion of timing, need time for translator 
    2. Accessibility review of LB
  4.  Misc issues
    1. Mneme dependency in LB brought up by JFL
    2. Euro Sakai report from AZ, LB as highlight
    3. LB on nightly is running trunk
      1. New features will be done in branches
      2. CH recommends running 1.3.x or 1.4.x if targeting Spring 2012
      3. Detailed work being done by a student to test all possible combinations
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