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Connection Info

  • Telephone (Sakai001): +1 812 856 7060
  • Internet:
  • Conference Code: 348#
  • PIN: 72524#


  • Megan May
  • Bryan Holladay
  • Michael Lockett
  • Anthony Vargo
  • Adam Hocek 


I. Outstanding action items:

RM space pages:
2.7 resolved issues review (ONGOING)
Versioning document (TODO)
Generic doc re: prepping projects to use the Maven release plugin (TODO)
Branch managment cheat sheet (TODO)
2.7.0 description/highlights doc/email to community (TODO)
Schedule SecurityWG / RM issues review meeting (ONGOING - Began @ EuroSakai)

II. Release scheduling and Issues review

QA update

- N/A.

Internationalization BOF @ Sakai Euro
  • David Roldán Martínez is willing to act as lead the Internationalization testing of 2.7 and Sigma a Spanish consortium are going to bring up a Spanish QA server with Alan's help next week.
  • It looks like the special character issues are going to be systematically dealt with. I also intend to contact the product council on list to ask what are their priority for Internationalization issues for 2.7
  • Aaron, Anthony, Jean-Francois and Alan made time to sit down together and look at the known 2.7 security issues (some dating back to 2006) and work out what needed to be done. We will send advice to the security-wg over the weekend and elicit feedback. This is just a start of an ongoing process. Alan expects a second review of Jira to find more security issues marked as bugs.
Independent Tool Update
  • Bryan Holladay- Has resolved a number of bugs over the past few weeks.  
  • Outstanding issues are only Major priority.  
  • Will be tagging this Friday
Maintenance team update

- N/A:  No representative 

Next Tag

Sakai 2.7.0-b04, Friday, 5 March 2010

Explanation: We do not go to RC until all blockers are fixed, so I expect that there to be a few more betas.

JIRA Stat Review

Closed issues (merged) Count = 4

Closed issues (to merge)Count =1

Resolved issues (to merge)Count = 26

Resolved issues review Count =139

2.7 Open Issues (Maint Team) Count = 41

2.7 Open Issues  Count = 237; 11 Blockers

  • Anthony Vargo said they would be merging some JIRA's into 2.7 over the next day or so. 
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