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Connection Info

  • Telephone (Sakai001): +1 812 856 7060  
  • Internet:
  • Conference Code: 348#
  • PIN: 72524#


I. Outstanding action items:

RM space pages:
Versioning document (TODO)
Generic doc re: prepping projects to use the Maven release plugin (TODO)
We need a 2.7.0 description/highlights doc/email to community. (TODO)
Release 2.5.6/2.6.2 (DONE)

II. Release scheduling and Issues review

Discuss holding a special RM meeting to review 2.7.0 issues.

Sakai 2.7.0-b02

Closed issues (merged)

Closed issues (to merge)

Resolved issues (to merge)

Resolved issues review

QA update (Berg)

III. Jira

Maintenance team update
Draft revised workflow

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  1. Review of Alan's List.   I took some (poor) notes . . .

    • SAK-17771        start-sakai missing a JAVA_OPTS and CATALINA_OPTS property for Java 1.6 compatability
    • KNL-101     Interpret content type if unknown
    • SAK-17457        Roster tool broken for site that migrated from 2.6
      • Closed, it's resolved by alt. jira
    • SAK-15874        Switch to Java 1.6 (Java 1.5 EOL 30-Oct-2009)
      • For 2.7, there will be a javaopts change.   Alan will close out (question)
    • KNL-218          Synchronization blocks prevent > 1 request thread per user from executing
      • Assigned to kernel team for clarification
    • SAK-13386        High CPU from stuck threads
      • Alan will mention in a diff. jira
    • SAK-16982        transferCopyEntities does not create missing collection properly, leaves resource locking issues
      • Attached patch; unassigned.  Leave open for maint. team review per existing comments.
    • SAK-16568        Entity picker link points to original site when 'Import from Site' option is used
      • Alan will touch base Noah
    • SAK-16371        Allow ability to configure "DefaultPlainText" pastes into FCKEditor for particular tools
      • Alan will touch base with Noah
    • SAK-16214        Accessibility: FCK Editor inaccessible on Polls Add a Poll page
      • Alan will touch base Noah
    • SAK-16212        Accessibility: FCK Editor inaccessible on Blogger create a post page ECT.
      • Alan will touch base Noah
    • SAK-15914        Bizzare exception logic in BaseMessageService
    • SAK-15690        osp.matrix.evaluate is listed twice in the !user.template.maintain realm
      • Will assign to OSP team for comments.
    • SAK-14360        Announcements has dependency on assignements - DH
      • This isn't unique to these tools and is a big change to target for the .0.  Something to look at for a maint. release.
    • SAK-14266        Fix JSR-168 support in the flat portal
      • Ask Chuck Sev. to verify this is a problem in Sakai 2 (work might have been moved to Sakai 3).  
    • SAK-13999        'You do not have permission' results showing up inappropriately'
      • Assign to David Horwitz
    • SAK-8535         Include Confluence style WYSIWYG editor in RWiki
      • Assign to Savitha at UMich for review.   Note:  The patch was applied at one point and had to be removed due to multiple problems (2.6.0)
    • SAK-14120        cacheMinutes settings no longer work
      • sister issue to a kernel KNL-293.   This sak is 2.5 and below . . so this might never be resolved. Anth mentioned that 2.5.6 might be the last one.
    • SAK-13978        Can't navigate back up folder hierarchy
      • leaving to be reviewed by maint. team
    • SAK-13240        c3p0 : MySQL errors and warnings : java.sql.SQLException: Can't call commit when autocommit=true
      • leaving to be reviewed by maint. tea.  Maybe add notes to confluence doc (anth w) 
    • SAK-12820        Accessibility: Dropdown list for Grading Table activates on down arrows (Gradebook)
      • email Michelle Wagner
    • SAK-11796        MOTD mucks up <a href> tags in non-FCKeditor
      • There are workarounds  . . . . dropping priority.