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Connection Info

  • Telephone (Sakai001): +1 812 856 7060  
  • Internet:
  • Conference Code: 348#
  • PIN: 72524#


I. Outstanding action items:

RM space pages:
Draft 2.7.0 release schedule for Community comment (DONE)
Versioning document (TODO)
Generic doc re: prepping projects to use the Maven release plugin (TODO)
sakai-2.7.0-b01 versions page (DONE)
We need a 2.7.0 description/highlights doc. (TODO)

QA space
Make sure server info is correct (including adding a contact)

II. Release scheduling and Issues review
Sakai 2.7.0

sakai-2.7.0-b01 tag date (21 January)
2.7.x Branch managers (IU offers Jon Cook and Anthony Varso)
QA update (Berg)

Sakai 2.5.6/2.6.2

Release date (25-27 Jan 2010)
BLOCKER: Samigo: SAK-17199

III. Jira

Maintenance team update
Draft revised workflow

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