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Connection Info

Telephone: +1 812 856 7060


  • Conference Code: 348#
  • PIN: 72524#


  1. Updates on next steps from last week (see 2009-08-20)

Release Proposal 2009

Google Spreadsheet of new features

New Feature Documentation


  • Adam Hocek
  • Pete Peterson
  • Anthony Whyte
  • Clay Fenlason
  • Megan May


  • Analysis not yet completed for cutting 2.7.x branch, but inclined to go with it.
  • If there are lots of changes in the 'usual suspects'.
  • Independent tool releases can frame this analysis.
  • Anthony could be helped by scripts from Thomas Amsler, comparison scripts he's developed.
  • Email report on what's discovered.
  • Michelle, Bryan, Yang, some people from Michigan have commit rights.
  • Concern about forming a cross-institutional team.

Next Steps

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