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Meeting Attendees: Anthony Whyte, Megan May, Peter Knoop, David Horwitz

Discussion Points

  • Tagging RC2 - later this afternoon
  • Deferred items - high risk, anything involving conversion script changes
  • Testing Needs
  • Documentation
  • Making the release go 'live' - where will the staff we need be?
  • Announcement

Testing Needs

Status of Regression Testing: 2.5.1 Testing Checklist

Regression Testing Needed After RC2

  • Forums
  • Messages
  • Resources
  • Roster

Fixes in RC2

This is a list of open, reopened or in progress blocker and critical bugs reported against a 2.5 version or nightly.

type priority key summary updated reporter assignee status resolution cache=off

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View these issues in Jira



Megan: Anthony will cut the tag tomorrow morning.
We are doing pretty good on the testing front. UM has been doing a lot.
There are some conversion changes that are waiting until 2.5.2 for more testing.
Need to talk about who is going to work on doing the release during the conference.

Seth: Any chance we can defer to after the conference. Historically, it's been problematic to release things during the conference.

Anthony: Yeah it would be best to do it before the conference. If there is an internet I can, it will be intense. The documentation falls mostly on Peter and myself.

Peter: We usually don't do the docs until the release so we can the live files.

Megan: We don't have to wait until the conference, but we will probably not be done testing until the end of next week. QA will be up Monday roughly.

Seth: This doesn't really leave the time to do the testing if there are any issues. The timelines are really tight, there are still a lot of other people involved.

Megan: We do have folks lined up to test, just not sure about what is going to need to be run in Paris.

Anthony: [ Goes into detail about tomcat and settings and stuff ]
We can cut the tag tomorrow. If we follow through with the regression plan, and have a tentative plan to still release during the conference, but then check in at the conference planning session to do a review. Running the artifact generation script takes about an hour.

A number of QA sessions on the first day of the conference, will organize groups from there.

Pete: Any major gotchas that we just found out about today and are testing just starting today?

Megan: Not really, we've been pretty strict about what goes into this release.

Call ended. 22 minutes after the hour.

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