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Meeting Attendees: Mark Norton, AnthonyWhyte, Megan May, Peter, Charles Hedrick, Jesse, David Horwitz, Renu, James Logan, Fritz, Steve Githens, Seth Theriault

Discussion Points

  • Key fixes for inclusion
  • Reviewing tickets resolved against nightly and awaiting merge into the 2.5.x.
  • Identifying problems folks running 2.5.x are experiencing
  • Going over the criteria for merging.


Key Fixes for Inclusion
There were either discussed a lot during the 2.5 release or weren't ready in time to make the previous release. This is a short list of issues that immediately came to mind.

  • SAK-7670 - Getting issue details... STATUS / Creating: Notification of items with release dates should be at release time. Carl is working on this and anticipates having it done in time for 2.5.1
  • SAK-11544 - Getting issue details... STATUS /UCD Davis tested it. Tony Atkins also tested it on collab. There were some merge issues, but work on that is ongoing.
  • SAK-13259 - Getting issue details... STATUS / Rendering time of Resources page with many items is unusably slow - deals with version of dojo. We're hoping that someone will test the latest version or Gonzolo will role back to the 2.4 version.

Other tickets of interest from folks
These are items that folks would like to see resolved in one of the maintenance releases

  • SAK-13274 - Getting issue details... STATUS : Gotta do something about Chat. Serious performance problem and memory leak. Square of the # of users participating. Every time you refresh the page. Adds user to list. Beans never GC. Chat should be fixed in a couple days. Likely a problem in 2.3, but in 2.5 this gets worse. Slowly degrades system if servers are up for long periods of time.
  • Mysql parameter changes Rutgers has been using. In current version dbcp, two performed under a global lock. Serialize DB access and tripling the # of queries. Turn off validation query and conf to do some of the checking locally. Believes it's the real issue of pool exhausted. Depends on config and load.
  • SAK-12712 - Getting issue details... STATUS : Wiki / merge conflicts. Need Ian's advice on inclusion
  • SAK-12804 - Getting issue details... STATUS : / Assignments: This one was already merged in but needs testing.
  • SAK-13059 - Getting issue details... STATUS : Podcasts / Has been deployed locally at UCT. Needs to be merged in
  • SAK-8411 - Getting issue details... STATUS : Need assistance merging in synoptic count fixes
  • SAK-???: Filed by Charles Hedrick. Possible addition is to add a method to an API to allow setting the Student ID that you see in student info. Right now there is no way to set this informaiton in the API . Peter suggested getting Dan McCullum involved and will try to get the different parties together.
  • SAK-13253 - Getting issue details... STATUS : Change made in x/container login. This bug is tracking the undocumented change in the behavior. Would like get this fixed in trunk. Pretty trivial, change default from true to false. trivial change. Peter Assigned it to Ian. Want it on the radar.
  • SAK-13202 - Getting issue details... STATUS : Brougth up by Mark Norton. last put into a provisional branch. Two new methods, based on content hosted service. The file size checking needs to be added. WOuld like to get it into trunk, then maintenance release. Megan said that the first step was to get the work back into trunk, then get community consensus that it should be included in a maint. branch.

OSP Issues:

  • SAK-13239 - Getting issue details... STATUS (wizard)/ Another for wizard. / Exposed Wizard and exposed Martrix. The UI doesn't have anyway to generate one. There was a check box to create one but it got edited out in UI cleanup. Megan send note out to group about looking into it.

Static Code Review Changes
Megan asked what the group thought about including these in maintenance releases. Charles Hedrick pointed out that he'd like them tested in a production instance so there is assurance that nothing breaks. David commented that ost of them tend to be small, but he agrees about getting prod experience first. All we really know at this poit is that they don't break the build. Can we get someone to try them? Peter will see if people can grab individual ones.

Process Points

  • Fix inclusion - For 2.5.1, we'd like for testing to be performed prior to a fix being merged in. This can occur on nightly or a local 2.5.x version. We need to get out Developer and QA eduction on how to handle JIRA tickets for branches.
  • Release dates - The plan is not to hold up maint. releases for fixes. If an item isn't ready for inclusion, it can be picked up in the next main. release as we're hoping to have quicker turn around for these by keeping them light.
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