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  • Meeting notes - 29 August 2007
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Telephonic meeting between UCT and Unisa 29 August 11H45


1. Francette's questions:

  • On "Publish Question - view 7". We are assuming that in the technical spec - not only will the q & a be published, but the student will also be mailed with the answer to the question? Else, only privately answered questions will be mailed?
  • On view 1 and 3 e.g. - the "View" list is usually a drop-down list in other Sakai tools. Is the horisontal presentation just so we can see all the options?
  • When lecturer and student use Next and Previous navigation from views 5,8,10 and 11 - will the order followed be consistent with the view chosen or will it follow the default view?

2. Project plan

3. Final specifications


1. All tasks in project plan OK. Stephen and David will work on technical requirements

2. Listed and other questions regarding the specifications and mock-ups were addressed. Francette will add some text to the screen mock-ups to explain more.

3. Final documentation will be discussed by email.

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