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  • Meeting notes - 22 August 2007
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Teleconference with UNISA and UCT, 12:10pm (GMT+2).

1. Review meeting notes from 10 Aug 07

  • Decided to add diagram created in initial meeting.
  • Some clarification was done regarding the functional requirements. The detial will be in the revised document.

2. Project plan

  • All accepted the draft project plan
  • All tasks up to 22 August are completed.
  • The latest version of the project plan will kept up to date on this contrib location

3. Discussion of features in phase 1 vs phase 2

  • Copy and modification functions were moved back to phase 1

4. Review Page mockups

  • Many changes were discussed and accepted. It will be reflected in the revised user specifications that Andrea and Francette will complete.
  • The main changes were:
  • A student's name will not be displayed to other students
  • Try to use the most standardised Sakai way for the organising function
  • To simplify permissions a combined permission of 'update' will be used
  • the term 'hits' will be changed to 'views'
  • The number of hits will be displayed on the detail question page
  • Sorting options will be available. The default would be alphabetic by category and then 'recently answered' within a category

5. Target version of Sakai (2.3+, 2.4+ or 2.5+)
Development will be aimed at 2.5+

6. Next meeting
29 August - time to be finalised

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