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  • The QA Kid - Sakai 12.0 testing
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  • Welcome

  • What is this? 

    • This is on level up from EZ Testing, the next "power up" to contribute to the QA effort. Here you will be testing fixes that have been made, but not applied yet to the 12 branch. 

  • Workflow

    • Developer fixes a bug on "master". Master is the main branch of Sakai development and is under constant improvement. 
    • Developer (or someone knowledgeable about Sakai) sets the field "12 status" = merge.  There is a status flag for every branch "11 status", "10 status" , etc. NB: There is an overall "Status" field which is for the JIRA overall. 
    • JIRA is "Resolved/Fixed" with a fix version of "13.0 Tentative" .  13.0 is identical in meaning to "master" at this time (until we branch it in about a year, and master becomes 14.0). 
    • QA tester (you) , tests the fix on master, sets it to verified if it passes. 
    • If verified the branch manager merges the fix into the 12 branch. It will be in the 12.0 release! 
  • Where to get help? 

    • Email sakaicoordinator at .  There are more, and preferred options than this (see below). But if you get lost, feel free to reach out.




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