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rSmart has written basic test scripts for the 2.5 release that they'd graciously like to contribute back to the community. We're going to use these as a jumping point to revamp the test condition documentation the community has for testing so there is common understanding of the level of testing occurring when we regression test.

Phase 1
  1. Choose a particular tool (ie Assignments)
  2. Review the test conditions line by line and update them so they work with the generic Sakai instance configuration.
    • rSmart uses a different portal so some of the navigation will be different.
    • Also, there is the assumption that the sites, users and some seed data will be set up already. Please document these assumptions and create your own sites, users and seed data overlook these points in the conditions.
Phase 2
  1. Review existing test conditions and identify which test cases are not in the current set of test conditions.

Scripts are ASN-01, ASG-02 and ASG-03 on The links to these documents will be found by listing the Children pages

  • Once this is done, review the exist testing conditions and determine which ones aren't in there. I'd suggest reviewing the TC line by line, highlighting the lines not covered. These TC's are located at
  • Work the missing TC's in.
  • Review plan against functionality in the application. Write up a list of features that are missing test conditions.


Phase 1

Phase 2







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