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2.9 Test Fest

CLE 2.9.3-rc03 - Release candidate 03. New Jiras added in RC03 :

LSNBLDR-91 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LSNBLDR-276 - Getting issue details... STATUS

COMPLETE TESTING BY - Monday, August 12, 2013 by end of day, your time zone.

QA Servers - currently is on RC03 . Please check - QA Servers - Sakai 2.9 for the latest status.

Test Fest Google doc - Test sign up and details

Before you start!

Create a Jira account:

Subscribe to the QA email group:

Jira Process

  1. Sakai Jira Guidelines
  2. Everyone with a Jira account can create tickets, sub-tickets, search the system and add comments. Anybody can make a Jira account for him/herself. Others have additional permissions to update the fields on the ticket to reflect current status. If you think you need this level of access contact
  3. Updating a ticket with the "Tested" button - to verify a ticket requires clicking on the "Tested" button. You must be logged in to Jira and part of the Jira QA group. If you wish to be added to this group contact . 


Test Plan Overview

2.9.3 Test Plan

The focus is on testing blocker and critical Jiras which have been merged (incorporated) into CLE 2.9.3 , plus regression tests to ensure nothing else has broken.

Some of the key Jiras to test are:

SAK-23733 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LSNBLDR-216 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SAM-973 - Getting issue details... STATUS

SAK-23755 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LSNBLDR-91 - Getting issue details... STATUS

LSNBLDR-276 - Getting issue details... STATUS

We also could use regression testing on WebDav, Gradebook, Samigo and Lessons, and perhaps a couple of other tools.

Notes: For WebDav some changes were reverted (undone), the basic WebDav Quick Test (formerly known as Shallow Regression Test), should be sufficient. Our new security infrastructure: AntiSamy, is now on high setting by default.

If you find a bug

If you find a bug in Sakai CLE 2.9.3-rc02, please test to see if the issue exists on 2.9.2 on server - . This will help determine if it is a regression (a new bug introduced since 2.9.2)

To Get Your QA questions answered

To get your questions about QA testing answered, please email the QA group at or directly to

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