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  • Sakai 11.2 QA testing
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Last updated October 11 , 2016


  • Sakai 11.2-RC02 is available! This is our second release candidate for Sakai 11.2. 
  • Target completion of testing by Tuesday, November 8.
  • Testing - test blocker priority Jiras fixed in RC02, and some light testing in Lessons, Assignments, Gradebook and Samigo.
  • Server - RC01 server at    (or go to and choose "QA test server on MySQL" 
  • Google Spreadsheet for testing (please allow for more than one person/institution to sign up for high priority test items!) - Link to google testing signup.


Sakai 11.2 fixes - if you are testing a component of Sakai (like Test and Quizzes), you might want to see which issues have been fixed. Check here

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