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  • Sakai 10.6 Test Plan : Pre-RC01
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A number of issues have been fixed in Sakai master/trunk, but need to be verified before they can be merged into the Sakai 10 branch and can become part of the 10.6 release. 

Sakai 10 Test Fest

Sakai 10.6 Testing Overview

Sign up sheet on Google Docs

Testing needs

  • Verifying Jiras that have been fixed on master/trunk so that they can be merged into the Sakai 10 branch.
  • Samigo Test and Quiz regression testing

Jira issues need testing on Trunk (master) for inclusion in 10.6


Server for Samigo Test and Quizzes regression testing

Choose one of these two on

10.x Maintenance Branch on Oracle

10.x Maintenance Branch on MySql

Server data is refreshed nightly.

Or grab a local copy of the Sakai 10 branch, if you wish to test over multiple days.

Server option 1 for JIRA testing

"Trunk (master) on Oracle" or "Trunk (master) on MySQL"

Nightly servers are refreshed nightly (hence the name). Verification tests must be performed the same day they are started.

For testing purposes, you can create your own accounts or use the defaults ones - INSTRUCTOR, STUDENT0001 through STUDENT0499, TA... all with password 'sakai'

Server option 2 for JIRA testing

This Server is rebuild everyday and data is completely removed every monday, see last rebuild date at foot section. Please contact jjmerono at um . es if you find any problem.

For testing purposes, you can create your own accounts or use the defaults ones - INSTRUCTOR, STUDENT, TA... all with password 'sakai'


Before you start!

Create a Jira account:

Subscribe to the QA email group:

Jira Process

  1. Sakai Jira Guidelines
  2. Everyone with a Jira account can create tickets, sub-tickets, search the system and add comments. Anybody can make a Jira account for him/herself. Others have additional permissions to update the fields on the ticket to reflect current status. If you think you need this level of access contact
  3. Updating a ticket with the "Tested" button - to verify a ticket requires clicking on the "Tested" button. You must be logged in to Jira and part of the Jira QA group. If you wish to be added to this group contact . 







To Get Your QA questions answered

To get your questions about QA testing answered, please email the QA group at or directly to Neal Caidin - Sakai Community Coordinator