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Sakai 10 qa4 Testing corresponds to the first round of QA testing for Sakai 10

Sakai 10 Test Fest

Sakai 10 - QA04

QA04 testing is now active. We are targeting one or two QA releases away from our first release candidate. We are releasing a QA about every 2 weeks.

The job of QA testers is to break Sakai. We want to find as many bugs as possible so that they can get fixed before a community release.

  • QA04 server - Longsight QA server more expected soon

  • Nightly trunk server - for verifying Jiras so that they can be merged into the Sakai 10 branch. Please note: the nightly server is refreshed every 4 hours starting at midnight Eastern daylight time, and all data will be lost. Please time your testing accordingly.



QA meeting

QA check-in - Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 10 am Eastern, 7 am Pacific, 3 pm GMT on Adobe Connect .




Before you start!

Create a Jira account:

Subscribe to the QA email group:

Jira Process

  1. Sakai Jira Guidelines
  2. Everyone with a Jira account can create tickets, sub-tickets, search the system and add comments. Anybody can make a Jira account for him/herself. Others have additional permissions to update the fields on the ticket to reflect current status. If you think you need this level of access contact
  3. Updating a ticket with the "Tested" button - to verify a ticket requires clicking on the "Tested" button. You must be logged in to Jira and part of the Jira QA group. If you wish to be added to this group contact . 




Test Plan Overview

Sakai 10-qa04 Test Plan


The top things to test are the Extra Credit feature in the Gradebook, the Roster tool, the Profile tool, WebDav, and Resources, especially the new drag-and-drop feature and the new ability to hide a folder while accessing files inside it. AFAICT, there is not been any testing on the Delegated Access tool, a Contrib tool, now in Sakai core. And verifying fixed Jiras so they can be merged into the Sakai 10 branch is a high priority!

More details and Progress

Adopt-a-tool - If you have limited time to test, or if a particular tool is of high value to your institution, you might consider our Adopt-a-tool approach. Adopt a tool and test it on the QA server as thoroughly as you can. If the tool works with other tools, I recommend you also test those integrations (esp. the gradebook integrations).


Samigo Test and Quizzes for Saka 10 is being used by a Sakai 2.9.3 school and getting a good workout. The Extended Matching Items question type (new) could still use a little more testing but has gotten a good look.

Several institutions have been testing or are in the process of testing the Lessons tool. It looks like we have good coverage on Lessons, though if someone else wants to test, especially in Adopt-a-Tool style, that would not hurt. Lessons is becoming more and more popular, and it is a complex tool, so more eyes on it would be useful.

Forums is looking in good shape, though you might want to check out the following new features: Ranks (by post count for example), moving a thread to a different topic, showing which topics have unread messages, and most importantly, grading from Forums respects the grade entry type setting in the Gradebook.

Assignments tool testing is looking good so far, but you might want to check out the new Peer assessment tool and a new Group submission feature. We also need to test the different Assignment types (inline only, attachments only, inline and attachments, etc). That may not have been fully vetted yet.

Syllabus testing has also looked good so far, but we could use testing of link migration (though this should be a fairly well "burned in" feature by now). Syllabus has a new look, so you might want to explore it.

Signup tool is working well in testing so far, except that we have not yet tested the email capability.

Feel free to give the CK Editor, used EVERYWHERE, a good workout. Especially the new audio recording and math capabilities.

Verifying Jiras - as many Jiras as we can verify. In the Google docs Jiras are organized in each tool's worksheet. It's okay to go directly to this filter to test -

If you find a bug

If you find a bug in Sakai 10, please test to see if the issue exists on 2.9.x on server - Sakai nightly 2.9.x . This will help determine if it is a regression.

To Get Your QA questions answered

To get your questions about QA testing answered, please email the QA group at or directly to Neal Caidin - Sakai Community Coordinator