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Sakai 10 qa1 Testing corresponds to the first round of QA testing for Sakai 10

Sakai 10 Test Fest

Sakai 10 - QA03

QA03 testing is now active. QA03 is new feature freeze and string freeze. This is the beginning of our run to a release candidate.



QA meeting

QA check-in - Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 10 am Eastern, 7 am Pacific, 3 pm GMT on Adobe Connect .




Before you start!

Create a Jira account:

Subscribe to the QA email group:

Jira Process

  1. Sakai Jira Guidelines
  2. Everyone with a Jira account can create tickets, sub-tickets, search the system and add comments. Anybody can make a Jira account for him/herself. Others have additional permissions to update the fields on the ticket to reflect current status. If you think you need this level of access contact
  3. Updating a ticket with the "Tested" button - to verify a ticket requires clicking on the "Tested" button. You must be logged in to Jira and part of the Jira QA group. If you wish to be added to this group contact . 




Test Plan Overview

Sakai 10-qa03 Test Plan

We are now at code freeze and string freeze. Code freeze means that any features, even features that were considered in scope for Sakai 10, cannot be added if they are not already part of the Sakai 10 branch. We are focusing on only bug fixes. String freeze means that translations into different languages may start. We need these completed in March (preferably before March 28 in case we are able to get back on schedule and cut our release candidate by then).

Adopt-a-tool - If you have limited time to test, or if a particular tool is of high value to your institution, you might consider our Adopt-a-tool approach. Adopt a tool and test it on the QA server as thoroughly as you can. If the tool works with other tools, I recommend you also test those integrations (esp. the gradebook integrations).

We need a lot of testing for existing tools, especially Samigo Test and Quizzes, which has new question types including EMI and Calculated question. We need full regression testing on Samigo including its integration with the Gradebook.

The Assignments tool has a new Peer assessment tool and a new Group submission feature. Full regression and integration with the Gradebook needs testing. We also need to test the different Assignment types (inline only, attachments only, inline and attachments, etc).

The Syllabus tool has a new table of contents view, bulk create syllabus items by date, and iSyllabus link migration is fully integrated. The Syllabus tool needs a workout.

Two new tools have been added: Signup and Delegated Access. If folks familiar with how these tools work (they were both Contrib tools previously), could give them a workout, that would be a big help.

The CK Editor, used EVERYWHERE, has a new audio recording and math capability. This needs to be thoroughly tested.

Several tools have had significant changes or upgrading. Roster, Profile, Web Content, and LTI are all upgraded versions and should be tested thoroughly.

Verifying Jiras - as many Jiras as we can verify. In the Google docs Jiras are organized in each tool's worksheet. It's okay to go directly to this filter to test -

If you find a bug

If you find a bug in Sakai 10, please test to see if the issue exists on 2.9.x on server - Sakai nightly 2.9.x . This will help determine if it is a regression.

To Get Your QA questions answered

To get your questions about QA testing answered, please email the QA group at or directly to Neal Caidin - Sakai Community Coordinator