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Using Google Docs Test Scripts

Several of the test scripts are in Google spreadsheets, with more being converted to Google spreadsheets as time allows. Clicking on the link for a tool's test script will take you to the Google doc.

Click on a test script link. Below are 2 examples of existing spreadsheets:


Complete instructions on how to use the Google docs test scripts:

Test Fest Scripts

Deep Regression Scripts


Some of the Google spreadsheets will have tabs at the bottom, much like an Excel sheet. Below are two examples:

Test Fest TabsGradebook Tabs




Creating Google Docs Test Scripts

There are many outdated test scripts that need to be converted to Google spreadsheets and many tools which have no test scripts. If you are interested in converting existing test scripts or are able to create test scripts from scratch, there is a template you can use and instructions.


Complete instructions on how to create a Google spreadsheet test script:

Google Spreadsheets

Master Tool List

Master tool list with links to deep regression scripts + "Quick Tests":

Tool List



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