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Place your good idea's here:

 Add idea  and then write an explanation in a child page. Each idea needs to discreet so that we can may a time boxed project. I will add the best to a list of recommendation for process change - Alan Berg

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Jira queries - Automated

A methodology to improve the quality of Jira content and distribute work

Alan Berg, Anthony Whyte, Aaron Zeckoski

Fitenesse and HTMLunit

Automated testing and a way of being agile. Working example to follow (when I have time)
- Prototype  (

Alan Berg

Maven site generation

Add extra details to the master/pom.xml to create reasonable sites

Alan Berg

Automated security testing

Use specific tools nightly (tool selection is known)

Alan Berg

Base level load during functional testing

- Prototype (using Jmeter from the command line).
Example adaptive test plan that follows the tools under each site and home for a specific set of users.

Alan Berg

QA process cookbook

Write a cookbook that a new QA director can follow to kick start the QA part of the release

Alan Berg

Weekly report to distribution list

Have a distribution list where an automatically generated report is sent once a week with

Alan Berg

Hudson plugin market research

What is out there for extra's for Hudson
 Jmeter Plugin

Alan Berg

Sonar analysis server

Run Sonar static analysis. Restrict rules to most critical issues
(green star)
- Work in progress, prototype server running, rules need to be fine tuned for static code review.

David Haines

Code coverage reports to measure consistency of testing

Coverage reports based on triggering through JMX (Jconsole)
- Out of date Prototype (

Alan Berg

Automated Functional testing

Use Selenium-rc driven through Hudson to generate nightly reports
(green star)
- Work in progress

Foundation, Marist, rSmart, IBM, Paris, UCDavis

Hudson server

(green star)
- Work in progress

Anthony Whyte 

(thumbs up)
Apache logs generation via Apache front end or tomcat.

Add tomcat valve so that standard web log analysers can measure session times and response times etc.
Motivation for access Logs
Recipe for Apache logs
Recipe for Tomcat valve

Alan Berg

Webdav protocol testing

Run a command line tool nightly. (litmus)

Alan Berg

Dependency analysis

The architecture needs to be as loosely coupled as possible. Do the dependencies in the pom.xml give us early warning of too much coupling? Perhaps a nightly report is needed?
Suggestion from David Howitz (mvn versions:display-dependency-updates) - - Finds dependencies that may need updating

Alan Berg

Track cumulative performance and scalability figures

JAMon, JMX, server logs, ... 2.6.x sample

Ray Davis

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  1. Examples of an alternative approach to "Base level load during functional testing" using JWebUnit and Groovy can be found in UC Berkeley's stress-test project.

    1. Good point. Chris Kretler and Nuno are using Grinder to attack Sitestats.I use Jmeter. I will try and learn from your commits in subversion and see if there is a way to create a layered set of services.


  2. Although most of Sakai 2's test-harness-driven integration tests were moved to Kernel and made part of the standard build, there are still a few in "providers" that should be included in Hudson nightly testing. They can be run against a running server with the command "mvn -DskipLongTests=false test".

    1. Will experiment with your recommended settings.