Sakai 2.8 QA Servers

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    Server Name



    - Specs/Logs



    2.8.x branch

    • jdk1.6.0_45
    • tomcat-5.5.35
    • HSQLDB

    gjthomas 'at' iu dot edu

    - specs
    - logs

    Indiana Unversity

    • no UTF-8
    • email redirected to tomcat logs
    • Rebuilt daily at Midnight EDT


    2.8.1 tag - With hybrid additions

    Redhat Linux
    - Mysql 5
    - Apache front end
     Runs over http and also https with a dubious self signed certificate.

    a.m.berg 'at' uva punt nl

    - AMD (4 core)
    - logs
    - Static code review
    - Internationalization
    - Licensing

    Amsterdam University

    - CKeditor enabled
    - Database was not dropped between RC04 and 2.8.1 branch
    - Paired with server in Hybrid

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