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Sakai 11 QA Servers

(info)   Note - Server administrators, if you are modifying your server instance please modify the child page for this instance (see below)
(info)   Current Version - Sakai 10.6 is the latest community supported version

(star)  Indicates inbound and outbound email is enabled


Server Name






sakai-core at

 Amazon AWSNightly Sakai QA servers maintained by Sakai Core team.

Daily refreshed between 03:20 and 05:00 EST.

Database is not updated by the refresh process only the Sakai 11 code base

11/RHEL Server 6.6/Mysql/JDK 1.8.0_45/Tomcat 8.0.29

Built from --branch 11.x

John.Digilio at



Refreshed nightly (hopefully)
Daily refreshed QA server with data base copied weekly from Template server. 11.x/CentOS release 6.4 (Final)/JDK1.8.0_45/Tomcat8.0.21José Mariano Luján Murcia

The QA server will take the latest changes from the Template server every week on the night from Wednesday to Thursday depending on your time zone. Therefore, this QA server will have all the information from the Template server. Code is updated daily.

EXPERIMENTAL - Only used for QA planning Team as an experiment - Murcia Template Server- create test environment for cloning to other servers

Sakai 11.x/CentOS release 6.4 (Final)/JDK1.8.0_45/Tomcat8.0.21

José Mariano Luján Murciaonly build test environment, refreshed daily: clone to 'real' test servers

Rally Test instance

11/RHEL Server 6.6/Mysql/JDK 1.8.0_45/Tomcat 8.0.29


MaristThis Sakai 11 instance is provided by Marist for the Ra11y project.


Nightly servers can be found here: