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There are lots of possible projects or areas where work is needed in between releases. A variety of suggestions have been made over the past few releases and are listed below. Please feel free to add to the list! Many of these projects require some leadership outside the scope of the QA Director position. If there is an area that interests you this is a great opportunity to make your mark in the community.

  1. Listing of those available for adhoc testing off foundation cycle
  2. JIRA priority scale redefinition
  3. Incorporated Web services testing into the QA process
  4. Incorporate automated functional testing ] Megan May
  5. Incorporate code coverage tool into the QA process Alan Berg
  6. Load testing using JMETER (possibly with JVM profiling)
  7. Expanding OSP test group
  8. Participate in 2.3 Accessibility Testing Review
  9. SakaiBogoBugs for the scoreboard
  10. Visualization
  11. Dependency graphing


  1. Automated Code Review - Real bugs found in Sakai and related bug pattern Findbugs and annotations
  2. Code Coverage via a Sakai tool
  3. Live JVM profiling
  4. QA Test Automation - links, resources, and discussion on how to incorporate more automation into the QA testing process
  5. Junit test coverage tools
  6. Array out of bounds via Jlint
  7. License reporting and modification
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