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Get Started: Regression Testing

Regression testing is critical for ensuring that all functionality in Sakai is working as intended. We are still evolving our Test scripts to make them easier to use, and happy to work with you to evolve them in this direction.


The following information is only relevant for testers who are using detailed test scripts. Check with the "QA coordinator" of the tool your are testing to see if it applies to you.

For Testers:

Testers execute regression test scripts, which test the functionality of Sakai. Testers record their observations and create JIRAs as needed. See the following video and documents for getting started with regression testing Sakai 12. Video was made during Sakai 11 testing, but could apply if you are using detailed test scripts. Please check with your "QA tool coordinator": 

Executing Regression Test Scripts (google doc)

Sakai 11 MASTER Test Scripts List (google sheet)


For a walkthrough of the JIRA creation process, see the following video overview:

For Test Script Authors:

Test Script Authors create/update Sakai regression test scripts to provide clear and consistent materials for testers. See the following video and documents for getting started with creating/updating regression test scripts for Sakai 11:

Authoring Test Scripts (google doc)

Sakai 11 MASTER Test Scripts List  (google sheet)

Earn QA Badges

Start here:

Sakai 12 badges - self reporting form

It is retroactive, meaning you can report earlier testing you have done towards Sakai 12 QA.

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