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What's the expected workflow?

1) CLECC assigns a set of 10 Jira tickets to volunteers (institution/individual) every 2 weeks. 

2) Volunteer reviews Jira tickets. Expected work for 10 tickets is 3 - 4 hours total, over the 2 week period.

3) Put comments, notes, updates in status directly in Jira. Jira is the main communication device so we should make that the repository of findings. 

4) Send note to CLECC on completion of the 10 issues. For each issue, include a one sentence description of the disposition. The next 10 issues will be assigned based on the clock (2 weeks), not based on completion of the 10 issues, unless requested. If the volunteer is not complete with the 10 issues after 2 weeks, reminders will be sent, but no new issues assigned.


  • Primarily this activity is a review and coordination activity, not a "doer" activity. That being said, if you find an issue that requires 20 - 30 minutes of work to complete, perhaps completing it will make sense, but that is optional.
  • We are looking to have some movement on the tickets. That might mean getting clarification from the requester, closing the issue if the work is not going to get done, sending an email to the dev list to get opinions on the issue (which should end back up on the ticket), bringing up on the CLE Release team call, assigning the issue to the appropriate person, and changing Jira fields to reflect actual current status.


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