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Deep Regression Scripts

#Column NameDescription
1StepThe scripts have sections and the steps are numbered below each section
2RoleRole the tester should be in when completing the step
3ActionAction the tester needs to take
4Expected ResultThe expected result after taking the action
5Screenshots to compare withIf the tester followed the steps, the results should be as shown in the screenshots
6Tester Information

Please enter your name, the date, the server tag, server and browser information here.

The tag is found at the bottom of the page after you log into a server.



Tag: Sakai Revision: 113643


y = success, n = failed

Status of the action taken - did you receive the expected result

8CommentsIf you did not receive the expected result and created a Jira, enter the Jira ID and description. If something with the tool changed, note your observations here.
9 & 10 Important information regarding testing of this tool
11VerifyOverview of what the following steps in the section will test
12 Supporting materials for the test
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