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The Sakai 12 QA Hub is the home page for the Sakai 12 QA effort. Here you’ll find useful information for getting involved with testing and becoming part of the Sakai QA community.

We have four different QA testing paths from which to choose. If you are just getting started, click the EZ QA path. Once you master the EZ QA path then you should be well positioned to step up one level to what we playfully call "The QA Kid". If you are ready to be heavily involved in testing then please join our QA Maven group. We also have an EZ Maven option which is the same as QA Maven but just choosing to test some of the less complicated Sakai tools.


EZ QA and The QA Kid

EZ QA and the QA Kid are for JIRA testing. The difference is that EZ QA uses a simpler workflow, but the QA Kid will be more needed soon. This is because the QA Kid testing is for issues that are reported by Mavens, fixed by developers, and need to be tested on trunk/master before the fixes can be merged back into Sakai 12.


click the EZ QA picture or here for the EZ QA testing path

for EZ QA testing use this Sakai 12 server

click the QA Kid picture or here for the QA Kid testing path

for QA Kid testing use this master/trunk server




QA kid image licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 by Helgi Halldórsson , modified the original image


Maven Testing

QA Maven and Easy Maven are what we call Regression testing. We test Sakai tool-by-tool to see if any new bugs have been introduced. The only difference between the QA Maven and EZ QA is that EZ QA is focusing on some of the less complex tools in Sakai.


click the picture below of QA Maven or here for the more advanced testing path

for Maven testing use this Sakai 12.0 Regression server

click the picture below of EZ Maven or here for a less time intensive version of QA Maven

for EZ Maven testing use this Sakai 12.0 Regression server

Useful Details

Video: How to create a Jira

Reporting your QA testing to earn points towards badges



Google Drive resources for Sakai 12



Weekly QA Planning Calls

The QA Planning Group meets every  Tuesday from 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm, Eastern time . This group guides the overall direction of the Sakai QA effort, creates testing materials and processes, and participates in testing. Meetings agendas and notes can be found in our   Sakai 11 QA Meeting Notes google doc  . All are welcome! We meet in the QA Room in BigBlueButton: 
QA Room
password: apereo

Weekly Test Fests

Join our QA “Test Fests” every Thursday from 10am to 11 am, Eastern time! This is an opportunity to jump into testing Sakai 11 with the support of the QA Team and other community members. You do not need to be an functional expert to get involved! Test Fest agendas and notes can be found in our  Sakai 11 QA Meeting Notes google doc  . We begin our Test Fests in the QA Room in BigBlueButton (see above). Throughout the course of the Test Fest, we communicate using our new SakaiQA channel in Apereo’s Slack instance described below.

Communication Channels

Sakai QA list

Join the Sakai QA list (sakai-qa@ to keep up to date on all things QA in Sakai. Anyone can join the group here:!forum/sakai-qa

Sakai QA Slack Channel

We have a very active Sakai QA channel in Apereo’s Slack instance. We use this for communicating during Tests and Fests and asking QA questions to the group or to individuals anytime. If someone at your institution has already joined, then you can self join at:

Otherwise send an email to  to have your institution's domain added for self signup. For a quick overview of Slack (along with some helpful tips n’ tricks), see the following video:



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