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Move WebCT Data Manually

Institution: University of Cape Town
Contact: Greg Doyle

We're recently moved a CE 4.1 course from WebCT to Sakai as a pilot and to check what the possible issues are.

Some of the issues that came up:

  • It is easiest to move all the content from WebCT's into Sakai's Resources. What we had to do was download all the content from WebCT, which was easy, but then had to restructure it to 'fit' the Resources tool i.e. had to make subfolders for each Content Module and Organiser Pages containing Single Pages. Which was not too painful if the content was organised in WebCT's My-Files. Otherwise to figure out for example all the files that are linked from an HTML page took time. Also in WebCT you the display name is independent from the actual file name. In Sakai it is best that the two is the same. Which in turn means it cannot be too long.
  • Discussion Postings. In some instances we have courses running over a few years and would like to still make old Discussion Postings available. Which you can do via the Compile tool, save it as HTML page, but then how do you access the original attachments.
  • Quizzes. We're lucky in that most questions are MC single answer. We have tool that can convert that a Respondus xml file into one that would import it into Sakai. We're working MC multiple answer questions and still need to look at the others. Images is also an issue. Respondus will package the quiz and associated images in a zip file. Sakai will only import the XML file, no images at the moment (I heard this will be looked at post 2.3 though)

In terms of time - basically moving all the content, not quizes or discussion postings, over (it's a big course, ended with 80 mb and 300 files containing content) took approx 3 hrs.

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