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Reusable Content

This page is aimed at the various methods of sharing and reusing content by supporting industry standards for sharable content.

Course Cartridge

The IMS Global Learning Consortium is currently engaged with defining a profile for the Content Package specification that will allow content to be packaged and installed in a learning environment in a manner that protects intellectual property rights and provides information on how that content will be accessed and used.

It was mentioned at the IMS Course Cartridge briefing that CC might be an ideal way to distribute content from digital libraries. We should investigate how support for CC can broaden the capabilities of Twin Peaks and Sakaibrary.

The Common Cartridge sub-project is led by Mark Norton:
Participants: Mark Norton, Kevin Gary, Dan McCallum.


There have been several efforts to support SCORM in Sakai and tools have been developed to play SCORM content packages in Sakai. For the most up to date information, see the SCORM Player project.

Portable Portfolios

The IMS Global Learning Consortium has developed an interchange specification for portfolios. This specification would allow portfolios to be imported and exported to Sakai allowing them to be interchanged with any other portfolio system that implements the standard.

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