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A list of institutions planning Sakai migrations, along with links to more information.


current system(s)

user population

migration timeframe

tools used to migrate



Texas State University

Blackboard 5.5


3,600 users in Sakai for the Spring of 2006. 10,000 users for Fall 2006. By Fall, 2007, 80% of faculty in Blackboard were migrated to Sakai instance. Final stage of migration scheduled for Fall 2008. Shutdown of Blackboard scheduled for early Spring 2009.



TRACS Project

BU School of Management

Blackboard 5.5


500 users in Sakai for the Fall of 2005, running Blackboard and Sakai in parallel for AY 06-07, turning Blackboard off as soon as Sakai is "ready" (hopefully May '07)




Whitman College

Blackboard 6 Basic


20% of courses in Sakai Fall 2005, 40% of courses in Sakai Spring 2006, full production in Fall 2006




UC Berkeley

Blackboard 5.5 and WebCT 3.8


~4500 users in Sakai for Fall 2005, ~15,500 in Sakai in Spring 2006, retire WebCT in Fall 2006, retire Blackboard in Fall 2007




Indiana University

Oncourse original (IIS, VB Script, SQLServer)


39% migrated Spring 2006, retire original Oncourse by Summer 2007




Virginia Tech

Blackboard 6.2.3


Pilot Fall 2006, begin migrating Spring 2007, full migration by Fall 2008




Portland State University

WebCT 4.1


Pilot Spring 2005, begin migrating Fall 2005, full migration by Spring 2008



Wende Morgaine

University of New England, Australia

WebCT CE 4.1


Small scale rollout early 2008, full migration TBD

UNE Migration Utility


Rupert Collister

University of WitwatersrandWebCT CE 6~32000Pilot Late 2011, ~16000 users in Sakai in Mid 2012, running Sakai and Blackboard in parallel till December 2012. Turning Blackboard off December 2012Respondus for assessments and WedDav for Resources Nguni Phakela
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  2. Would there be an interest in adding another column for what gaps are holding up migrations?