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Welcome to Deploying Sakai!

The Deploying Sakai area is oriented towards the needs of system administrator, database administrator, and technical support members of the Sakai community. It encompasses a broad range of topics, including installing, implementing, configuring, and supporting Sakai. You will find information here on Sakai configuration tips, release documentation, best practices for deploying Sakai, performance tuning, recommended hardware and software configurations, etc.

In addition to this area in Confluence, there is also an email list for discussing topics and asking/answering questions related to deploying Sakai: (join production list.) This is a low volume list, with only a couple messages a week or so (production list archive.)


  • Release Documentation – Instructions for obtaining, building, and running Sakai.
  • Sysadmin Guide – Guidelines and best practices for configuring and optimizing Sakai.
  • End-User Support Aids – A collection of end-user support materials and information.
  • Deployment Database – A self-reported database of Sakai hardware, software, and integration configurations.
  • Sakai Map – A Google Map view of known Sakai deployments.
  • Migration – Migrating to Sakai from other systems (e.g., BlackBoard, WebCT, Desire2Learn, Angel).
  • Security – Information on Sakai's security practices.

Related Working Groups

There are also a number of smaller Working Groups that deal with specific topics within the broader context of Deploying Sakai, some of which overlap into Building Sakai and Using Sakai:

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