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  • Turn on Github issues on Sakai Project master for 2 months starting November 2015
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OwnerNeal Caidin 


Turn on Github issues on Sakai Project master, for a 2 month (approximately) trial. Merge GradebookNG into master. Use 2 month trial only for GradebookNG issues. All other Sakai issues, projects, and components continue to use Jira as the central bug and feature request tracking system. Review status of using Github issues at or around SakaiCamp (25 and 26 of January 2016) and decide next steps (e.g. migrate Github issues into Jira; or continue using Github issues for GradebookNG with automated scripts to synch issues into Jira; or other outcomes).

Rationale and Assumptions:

1. Trialing the use of Github issues could prove useful, even if we choose to continue using Jira, inspiring a simplification of our process.

2. Turning Github issues on for GradebookNG reduces short term administrative effort to move the issues to Jira.

3. Some institutions are planning to use Sakai 11 in early 2016, perhaps even before it is released as community supported code. If we don't get GradebookNG merged into master ASAP, it is less likely we can attract early adopters.

4. The longer we delay merging GradebookNG into master, the longer before we have enough information to develop a realistic Sakai 11 schedule.

5. We don't have a way currently to synchronize between Jira and Github automagically.

Points 3 and 4 really speak to the need to make a decision one way or the other, to use Github issue tracker or use Jira for GradebookNG.

Possible Downsides:
We don't have a clear outcome for the "trial" (i.e. what happens if it is "successful"? what does successful mean?) and we could end up with having to use both Jira and Github issues if we let the trial drag on, which would be confusing and inefficient. Let’s avoid this by making a decision around the time of SakaiCamp 2016.

Time frame:

By lazy consensus everyone in the development community is encouraged to provide feedback and input, though the final decision rests with the PMC. If they do not hear any objections by Friday, November 13, then the proposal will be considered as passing.

Action items