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Due date2013/12/09
OwnerNeal Caidin 


Approved by lazy consensus.  No PMC members raised a material objection.


From: Neal Caidin <>
Date: December 5, 2013 11:40:14 AM EST
To: Sakai-Dev <>, Sakai QA <>,
Subject: [sakai-pmc] Proposal: Firming up schedule for Sakai 10

Proposal for Sakai 10 schedule - Milestones and Target Dates [1]
This proposal is a recommendation from the participants on todays Sakai release team call (December 5, 2013).

2013 mid-Oct : Planning and Scope discussions : Plans introduced and discussed. Scope and Properties discussed on SAK-23912 and SAK-24197

2013 Dec 13 : Cutoff for feature proposals : No new features to be added on SAK-24197. New features must have a separate branch created, no development on Trunk.

2013 Dec mid : First formal QA testing kickoff (QA1) : QA testing - Sakai 10 branch cut at Apereo Boot Camp (Jan 30 2014)

2014 January 15 : New feature cutoff (QA2) : Any features identified as part of SAK-24197, but not yet complete need to be backed out and/or separate branch started.

2014 January 30    : String freeze and a new QA cycle (QA3): Sakai 10-QA02

2014 February 14 : New QA cycle (QA4) : Sakai 10-QA03

2014 February 28 : New QA cycle (QA5) : Sakai 10-QA04

2014 March 14 : New QA cycle (QA6) : Sakai 10-QA05

2014 March 28 : Release Candidate 1 : No unresolved blocker/critical bugs. RC01, first release candidate

2014 April 11 : Release Candidate 2 : RC01 - release candidate 01

2014 April 25 : Release Candidate 3 : RC02

2014 April 30 :GA : General Availability aka production release of Sakai 10!

Highlights and Rationale
Original discussion was to have a cutoff date for feature proposals be December 6 (tomorrow). We propose that the cutoff date for feature proposals for inclusion in Sakai 10 be a week from tomorrow, Friday, December 13. While the December 6 date was floated and a cutoff points were mentioned, the concern is that it was not communicated well enough, so we want to provide another week for proposals to come in and be considered.

We’ve moved the target date for the release to an earlier date, April 30 instead of mid-May, to provide a greater chance that institutions can adopt Sakai 10 for their summer 2014 plans.

We’ve added in a checkpoint on January 15, 2014, by which time any new features need to be completed (Resolved/Fixed). This will give the Sakai release team, and the developers of the features, a couple of weeks ahead of the String Freeze and Feature code freeze, to make the necessary adjustments.

Also please note, per an earlier proposal, which was approved, we are working off of Trunk for development of Sakai 10. This means that new features not targeted for inclusion in Sakai 10 must create their own branch to continue their development, new features may not be developed on Trunk as that is our source for Sakai 10. We will notify the community when changes may be merged back into Trunk. [2]

Decision making process and Decision deadline
A material objection raised by a Sakai PMC member will block this proposal.  Other opinions are welcome, indeed encouraged.  Silence equals consent. Monday, December 9, 2013 close-of-business (your time zone) is the cutoff date for any objections to this proposal.

[1] Confluence page with schedule -
[2] “Towards a releasable trunk for Sakai 10” -

Neal Caidin
Sakai Community Coordinator
Skype: nealkdin
Twitter: ncaidin