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  • Proposal: Promote Yale signup tool to core for Sakai 10
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OwnerPeter Liu 



From: "Liu, Peter" <>
Date: December 13, 2013 2:56:09 PM EST
To: "" <>, "" <>
Cc: "Rinaldi, Louis" <>, "Hirsch, David" <>
Subject: [Building Sakai] Sign up proposal for Sakai 10

Proposal: Promote Sign-Up tool to Core status for Sakai 10
The Yale Sign-up tool[1] was initially introduced to the Sakai community at a BOF during the Dec. 2007 Sakai Conference in Newport[2] after several months' consultation with partner schools on shared functional requirements.[3] Sign-up was first offered as a contrib tool in 2008, and has since been broadly adopted by the worldwide community. Although we don't have data on the exact number of downloads, schools deploying the tool include Michigan, Indiana, Stanford, Yale, UNISA, Virginia, Texas, Florida, Oxford, Cambridge, UC Berkeley, Australian National, Charles Sturt, and Columbia. We also know that Asahi Net clients are actively using the tool.
In last spring's 2013 Sakai Tool Survey[4], the Sign-up tool was the most actively used contrib tool, showing more than twice as much significant use (45% of the 70 schools polled) as all other contrib tools apart from Gradebook2 (35%).  
At Yale we have very limited resources to contribute to open-source community initiatives. The sole programmer for Sign-up, Peter Liu, finds it increasingly difficult to keep up with the community's requests for feature additions as the community grows larger.  Peter will continue to support maintenance and development of the tool however he can, and has recently put in considerable effort to add two new functions necessary for core inclusion (time zone conversion and "import from site"). But rather than risk being unable to maintain the foregoing level of tool support as usage increases, we hope that promotion of the tool to core will ensure its continued viability as a supported tool for the entire community.
There is a growing programming community around the Sign-up tool, with Oxford, Michigan and rSmart contributing components of the code and supporting documentation in recent years.  Key Sakai partners such as Steve Swinsburg have offered assistance in promoting the tool to core.
The tool follows Sakai CLE standards for localization and internationalization (we know of three English versions: American, British, Australian, and one Spanish version of the tool).  We are not aware of any security vulnerabilities. The tool has not yet been fully tested for accessibility compliance.
We are in the process of getting the Apereo licensing agreement signed so that this promotion can be considered. Our local Sakai project lead (David Hirsch) has received verbal confirmation from Yale's Director of Technology Licensing that they have no objections to signing the standard Apereo CCLA.

Special thanks for David Hirsh, who has worked on this proposal!
Peter Liu
AITS, Yale University
New Haven, CT