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  • Moving email lists to Apereo Google Groups
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Movement of Sakai lists to Apereo Google Groups infrastructure.

*Decision Making*
All opinions are welcome and encouraged. A material objection raised by a
Sakai PMC member will block this proposal. Silence equals consent. Monday,
February 9, 2015 is the cutoff date for any objections.


- Communicate to lists to being merged or moved. Provide a date for when
move is happening.
- Create new Apereo Google groups and populate with members from Mailman
(collab lists). When combining multiple lists, populate with members from
all of the lists into the one list.
- Start using new Google group, turn off corresponding mailman list(s).
- Move old list archives to static web space.
- Repeat as needed for all lists until done.

*Proposed set of Apereo Google Groups*
sakai-openforum at
sakai-user at
sakai-production at
sakai-core-team at
sakai-dev at
sakai-docs at
sakai-pmc at
sakai-qa at
sakai-spanish at
portfolio at (no longer a sakai-specific list)

*Consolidating Lists*
* sakai-user at will containt pedagogy and sakai-user
* sakai-dev at will contain sakai-dev, samigo, i18n, accessibility, evaluaiton, gradebook2, sakai-mobile.
Convention for users to add [i18n], [a11y], [samigo], [eval], [gradebook2], [mobile] in subject
line for filtering.
* sakai-core-team at will contain sakai-core-team and infrastructure (sakai infrastructure, not apereo infrastructure, which has it's own Apereo Google group)
* sakai-au - not being migrated.
* sakai-france - not being migrated
* builds - not being migrated
* ja-sakai - not being migrated
* eurosakai - not being migrated. Already have an Apereo Europe google
* source - already migrated to sakai-source-svn at This list is being handled as an exception to support legacy merges into svn. Membership is not being migrated, and archived messages are not being kept.

*Lists not being migrated*
We will still move the old list archives to a static web presence, even for
lists not being migrated.

Will be variable based on lists, and communication with those
sub-communities. Intent is to get this done in the next couple of months,
by April/May timeframe for completion. Will start migration of lists during
February 2015.
Due date
OwnerNeal Caidin 


The reason for moving is easier management of the lists, and getting off an old server which Apereo can decommission and save money.

Questions include which lists to keep? Which lists to consolidate (several into one)? And which lists to remove? Also, which lists need old archives available for searching on the web (static web pages)?

Action items