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Sunday, 1 June 2014, 1-5 pm, Chamber room

Wednesday, 4 June 2014, 1-5 pm, Picasso room

PMC attendees

Sakai Community attendees

Discussion items

note: currently in no particular order; list re-ordering/refinement according to priority, relevance starts Friday, 30 May 2014.

Git/Github migrationAnthony Whyte
  • timeline
  • determine committers (~last 12 months); all/nothing rights, enforce socially
  • travis-ci
 Sakai 11 strawman proposal  
 InfrastructureAnthony Whyte
  • Nightly servers: IU needs to pass the baton
  • DNS server (managed by UMich currently)
  • Sakai maven repo (kill or move?)
 Sakai promotionSteve Swinsburg
  • Promotional materials (funding from Board)
  • CIO/CTO value proposition page
  • Announcements outside of the Sakai lists, Facebook, Twitter, news sites
  • Product polish (whole package, ref mozilla products)
  • Documentation
    • simplified (eg install maven,tomcat etc)
    • clarified (eg java_opts in multiple places)
  • refinements
  • Educause booth
 Roadmap developmentSteve Swinsburg 
 MembershipAnthony Whyte, Sam Ottenhoff 
 Lessons Enhancements ProjectJoshua Baron 
 Sakai Tech documentationNeal Caidin, Matthew Buckett, Andrew Martin, Mark J. Norton

Two ideas:

 Sakai AccessibilityMatt Clare
  • Previous versions of Sakai have been audited, meeting WCAG2 is important for users sake and for market competitiveness' sake
  • There are no plans for a full audit of Sakai and a big chunk of accessibility resources are no longer part of project
 OAuthSteve SwinsburgAaron Zeckoski to review SAK-22278 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Action items


  1. I'm planning to hold a Sakai Tech Documentation BOF on Tuesday, June 3. Would like a few minutes to report back on the results, potentially get feedback and support.

  2. With Indiana leaving the community, we have a need for Accessibility expertise and participation. 

  3. Should we be thinking about an "app store" for LTI that works with Sakai? 

  4. Perhaps some time to review results of surveys and SQL data gathered? I should have this available in at least a rough form with the raw comments from community members.

  5. I am going to plan to attend the Wednesday afternoon meeting unless something unexpected comes up.  My primary interest is just learning but I'd like to try and talk a little about the Lesson Enhancement Project which I'm hoping will launch soon and some future strategy planning.  Hope that's OK.

  6. p.s. I can't seem to edit this page so I wasn't able to add myself to the list of attendees.  FYI

    1. You should be able to edit the page now.

  7. Hi all,

    I'd like to attend on Wednesday June 4 meeting and add Sakai's accessibility status (or lack there of) to the agenda.

    Are we growing the current agenda or generating a separate list?

  8. To be clear on the tech doc stuff, I see it as 3 sections:

    1) overviews and explanation of the product and components, not necessarily hugely technical, but to "position" the technologies in someone's understanding

    2) Simpler, more hand held (i.e. nothing but reasonable assumptions made), "guaranteed to work" strands of documentation for source install and dev environment setup

    3) Some form of Q&A environment where community experiences involving the technologies can be encapsulated, so you don't necessarily "have" to attend conferences to share your journey through small or large technical problems.

    1. Thanks Andrew. Nice articulation of the needs.